Sunday, May 31, 2009

My VERY Last Year!

Saturday I just got back from Camp Shadow Pines! I love that place! I had lots and lots of fun crazy adventures! The theme was " Treasure Island, An Eternal Adventure." Each ward was assigned a Value and a gem of that values color. We were the Blue Sapphires of Divine Nature! I loved it! Some of our cheers were "Stayin Divine, Stayin Divine." haha, and " I'm a little Sapphire bright and blue, we've got Divine Nature, How bout you?" haha, We had fun with that. On Bishop's Night, we were on a "Cruise" (in the gym) when a storm hit and we had to evacuate onto "Destiny Island." Each ward had to find a different "Treasure Tool" to repair the boat. We had to find scriptures. The whole thing was a little cheesy, But very cool. We went to different people like Esther, Daniel, and Joseph Smith who represented treasures like Faith, Word of Wisdom, and Prayer. From each of them we got a little flag to tie to a rope our "guide" (bishop) had. Our last one was Mormon who represented scriptures and he came back to the "ship" with us. But, the girls had to be blindfolded because sometimes in life, we are blinded or alone amid our trials. And they all had to hold tight to the rope with all there treasures on it. And when we got back to the ship our "captain (Bro Ray) told us there was one last treasure we would need to get through the storm and when er walked in there was a giant picture of the Savior projected on the wall. It was really special to hear about all the testimonies that were strengthened by that. but anyway, I just thought I would share a spirtual experience before I shared all our fun goofy pictures! Here they are!!

The day before real camp, I went with the 4th years on their tent over nighter. This year, I made friends with our only 4th year, Valerie Tiffany. She is super fun and hillarious! She nicknamed me nun because I wrote Sister Kazhia on my name tag instead of Sister Mellor! Hahaha!
Every year at the over nighter, we have a zipline. This was my 4th time there, and that thing NEVER gets old!! Haha!

We also get to shoot potato guns every year! This one shoots potatoes farther than a football field! I'm basically an expert.

Me and Val spent our free time in the YCL tent with Andrea, Tobie, and Kelsey. Valerie didn't really know them, but she got to know them and had a LOT of fun!! Especially messing around with my "Fib Finder!"
They love us at Camp Shadow Pines! Veterans like me know most of the Staff's names! V-man is the bomb!

This was my tribute to Kylee who I missed very much!! Camp just wasn't the same without her! JOY!!

This is all of our girls in front of a cool new fire truck they put in the middle of camp!

This is all of us leaders being "Divine Divas" with our sequin headbands and wristbands! Paula, Molly, Vanessa (with her eyes closed), and Me! I love these ladies!

This was our flag for Survivor night! Very awesome!

This is the finniest sign at Shadow Pines and I just had to take a picture this year!

These are the three girls I spent rotations with. Liz, Angela, and Valerie. They are amazing! At the moment they are trying to untie a human pretzel...

Brother Teeples is one of my FAVORITE Priesthood leaders! He gave a great lesson on trials and the Holy Ghost.

Brother Brown is our other favorite priesthood leader! He seems totally quiet till he busts out in ballet, a cheer, or a crazy skit! haha!

This is our awesome Bishop and his beautiful wife! How cute!!

Here we are eating dinner in the cafeteria on Bishop's Night. Doesn't that roast beef look appetizing?!?! Ha!
While we were waiting for the last night program we had a little photo shoot. We tried to make a real pyramid, but everyone fell to the ground first. See:


This is me and Shay, a new girl from a different ward! She is totally cute and sweet! Everyone said we looked like sisters! Weird!

Me and Angela striking a pose! I love her!

Angela and her lil sister Bekah! They are the cutest sisters!

Me and Paula! I love her to death and will miss her so much now that I am leaving Young Womens! =(

Sabrina is also new. She is the cutest tiniest little beehive I've ever seen and super fun and adorable!

Me and Kelsey girl! I'll miss my little sister bunches while I'm in Utah. (But not as much as I'll miss her real sister!) But we had soooo much fun at camp!

Monday, May 25, 2009


Ok, So last night, I decided that my journal is one of my best friends!! Icouldn't sleep for anything because of a confusing stupid boy! Which is totally dumb and ridiculous, but I'm a girl, what can I say?? So My mind had been going crazy since graduation night and I have probably been driving everyone crazy! So I finally decided to write everything down in my journal. I figured I haven't written in a long long while and I couldn't sleep anyway, so I might as well. So I wrote out the whole story with WAY too many details, even my BEST girlfriends would probably fall asleep reading it, haha! But I finally put down my pen and laid down and fell asleep like a baby!! And I woke up feeling fresh and carefree about the whole thing! Like I said, I LOVE MY JOURNAL!! (I picked this pic cuz I love Twilight too, so I put em both together! haha)

My Beautiful Roomate!

So as we all know, I am going to BYU in the Fall. I already picked out my dorm and found out who my roommate is!! I got her email and we have been writing each other A LOT! I havn't met her yet, But I can already tell that I'm gonna love her! (But not as much as you Kylee, of course.) Her name is Noelle Nielsen and lives in Oregon City. She is the youngest of ELEVEN KIDS!!!!!! =00000000 Yeah, that is crazy! lol. Her favorite color is turqouise and she loves to read and watch/quote movies and goof around!! I am sure we are going to have TONS of fun together! We both can't wait to date lots o boys, but do NOT want to get involved yet. We both love to talk, based on our ridiculously long emails that are steadily getting longer! I am so excited to finally meet her! These are a few of her Senior Pictures that she sent me!

AWWW! She's so cute!!

Noelle is a country girl and lived ona farm her whole life! I guess you'd have to with such a HUGE family! haha

Like I said, she likes being goofy! Which is good, cuz goofy pictures are the funnest to take!! =D

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kiss My Face!

I have a photo kissing booth at the bottom of the page, so if you love me, You'll blow me a kiss! Comment on this post to let me know! haha, I am a bored dork. =D

Saturday, May 23, 2009


The past couple days have been absolutely AMAZING!!!!! I GRADUATED!!!! I stayed out till 3:45 in the morning, I hung out with my beautiful girlfriends that I LOVE to death, I saw a movie, I finished Personal Progress, and of course.... NEVER HAVE TO GO TO A HIGH SCHOOL CLASS AGAIN!!!!!!! But my words are not adequate to express my feelings, So her is tons of pictures of my last day of school and GRADUATION!!!! WOO! '09!!!!

Kylee and I went to seminary for our last day of school to visit our wonderful seminary teacher, Brother Goss!!! Isn't he silly?! haha, Gotta love him.

Me and Kylee were SOOOOO excited to graduate!! We were jumping for joy!! HA! It took FOREVER to get them to look this cool.

Brother Goss was pretty excited too... Haha! We made him do this. :)

The KKK! Kazhia, Kylee, Kelsey. We were all wearing pink and purple!! CUTE!!!

Leaving for the very last time. =(

Our party before graduation... its the best I have of my dress..

These are my beautiful graduation shoes. I am in love.

These are some pretty flowers that my grandma gave me. Thanks Grandma!

Me and my amazing Daddy in our gowns together. How CUTE!!

The lovely Nikki Chickie and I in our cap and gowns waiting to walk. I love her!!

My BFF Kylee and I. We were way psyched!!
My AMAZING mommy and I. I love her so much and owe most of my accomplishments to her and Daddy. Thanks you guys!!

Me and My Kylee after graduation. Our hair looks so sad after all that rain!!! =( Oh well!!!

Me, Nikki, and Kylee playing with my NEW camera at Camee's partay! Oh boy we are goofy!! I love it!!!


Our fellow graduate Jacob Hoffeling. He doesn't have much to do with anything but I love his hilarious face!! HAHAHA!

We went to Denny's at one o' clock in the morning and it was super fun!!!! We couldn't stop laughing the whole time!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Genealogy! I am doing it! =)

Oh my goodness! I feel like family history has been my life lately!!! I had just one more project to do and decided for some reason to do genealogy cuz I'm dumb! I took forever to get started cuz I didn't know how to start! ...Like as in I just started Saturday and I graduate TOMORROW!!! (WOO!) I have to get all ten hours in by then! I have 3 more to go and a half day tomorrow, so hopefully I'll pull it off!! I have been working on it like crazy, and its kinda cool, but it gets so so very frustrating when you get stuck on somebody and its like you are abandoning a person when you have to just move on to a different line! I do not like it much. But I have found lots of new people and some mess ups to fix, so at least I am accomplishing something! But can we say procrastinator?? PROCRASTINATOR!!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Congradulations Daddy!!

Dear Daddy,
I am so so soooooo PROUD of you! You have worked so hard for so long and you stuck with it! You are finally done! You have been such a good example to all of us of hard work and endurance. Now you are done and can put all the stuff you learned to work! =) You are the best Daddy in the whole whole world and we love you to death! We are so excited for all the new opportunities you will be getting and especially for the extra time we will be able to spend with you! I love you so MUCH and want you to know how much we appreciated you all the many many things you do for us! You are AMAZING!!!
Your baby girl =)