Sunday, November 1, 2009


So I just had a totally epic weekend!!! On Friday I went on my first date here that I was not the planner and asker! It was a blast! We ate at Legend's Grill, went to a cornmaze, haunted and haunted, watched two movies, went to IHOP, watched another movie till the temple opened and then took a little nap before we actually went down to do baptisms.... YAY 15 HOUR DATES!!!!

Tara and Peter! Idk why he's makin such a weird face!

Me and my date Ryan. And of course Tara had to stick her fingers in it!!

Crazy boys at Legends!! Haha

Michelle with her RM date Matt. He's so smitten! Lol

Me with Tara! :)

Pretty Utah Sunset!

So the haunted cornmaze really traumatized me! And I was mad that I left my camera in the car for some of the other stuff we were doing there! So I had everyone make their scared face from the cornmaze!

Hahahahah!!! I love Matt's face!!!!

I had Ryan make a chainsaw noise to make sure I got an authentic Tara face! :)

Me and Ryan!! He was such a good sport about it all so I wouldn't be scared!!

For Halloween we all dressed up and went to the Helamen Halls' "Hall-apalooza" haha. But it was a really really fun dance! All the costumes were so fun!!

My favorite Decade Divas! They didn't know if they were disco or hippie...

I was Meg from Hercules!!! I didn't even spend one cent!! I just used my bedsheets!!

Shelby was such a cute little bumblebee!!!

Close up!!!!

Ryan was Hercules! So we matched!!! :)

Peter's pimpin'!

Us with Kendra/Dorothy! Lol, so cute!

Crazy girls!!!

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell!!!

How adorable are Peter and Tara?! And Peter even smiled!!

Dancin the night away!!

Joey the Box!!! Hahahaha!! This kid just cracks me up!!!

Me and Hercules again!

Lol, more Joey!!

Ryan made his own sandels!! How cool are they???

Friday, October 30, 2009

Some Random Updates!

First of all meet Gregory the Pumpkin! Isn't it cute?!?! :)

Alright, here are the long awaited pictures from my first ever BYU date! It was a scavenger hunt that us girls planned! It was super fun!

Wheatgrass shots from jamba

Hahaha! John proposing!

Lol, this was my date Justin....

Double points! :)

Fun statue picture!

Pictres from yet another temple visit!

pretty sunset! for Utah....

The girls!

Cute little lane that I liked a lot!

I volunteered for Provo Youth Mentoring and this is my mentee Janet and I on our tour of the Livell Stadium!!

Festive fingers!

And toes!

My awesome mosaic I got to make for Humanities!

These are all pictures from dancelab! Basically it is a huge dance for the Social Dance 180 classes but we get to foxtrot and waltz and cha cha and swing! So so so fun!!

I stole Michelle's jacket and I liked it a lot a lot! :)


Me and my Cha cha partner Ben!

Michelle and her partner Matt!

Funny story... Ryan found these at DI and thought pink pants would be fun!! Be they turned out to be weirdly shaped like in the 90s... Haha

So this random girl some friends knew was having a semiformal Birthday party, so we decided to dress up and have a little photoshoot!!!

Me and Ryan

The girls!


Love these two pics! These two guys are my favorites!

Tara and Ryan

Me and Michelle! :)