Monday, August 31, 2009

BYU Fun Times!

More Pictures!! So They're kind of out of order but again its late and I don't have time to try to rearrange them all!

Dorm Life!

Melissa had a ripstick so we all decided to try to ride it down the hall!!! And it was visiting hours so there were tons of guys in our hall to laugh at us!! Haha!!
I went like a whole three feet!!

Kristen had some issues... Haha!

Melissa was a pro!!!

Here's Bri's attempt!!!

So Bri and Gabby live across the hall from me and they threw a surprise party for this boy they met named Warren! They invited our whole hall to come even though we didn't know him... So I decided to go help decorate! It turned out that he got out of church early and showed up at home before his roommates and the other girls! So I met him by yelling out SURPRISE with just Gabby... Kinda awkward but it turned out really fun!!!

Me and the Birthday Boy!!

Shaun reading a poem Megan wrote to Warren! Soo funny!!

The whole group after we made Warren leave and reenact it when everyone actually showed up!!

Make a Wish Warren!!!

this was his "surprised" face the 2nd time around. Haha!!

The Amazing cookie monster cake! Before Warren mutilated it.

Our crazy decorations!!! There were hearts everywhere too! Very very colorful!


My sunburn I got the first couple of days of NSO. Can anyone guess what necklace I was wearing??? Behehehe!!

Our gorgeous hall decorations put up by our wonderful RA Becca!

My kinda messy desk!

Sarah and most of our room!!

I'll post pictures of my fully decorated side as soon as I actually finish getting everything up!!! I love and miss all of you and will see you in about 3 1/2 months!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


So I don't have much time, its getting pretty late here and I have an early start, soooo... I figured I'd just put up some pics and say a few things So here you guy!!! The Utah experience!!!

Our "Honor Code"

Jericho Road came and sang for us!! I never heard them before but I really liked them!!

My Beautiful Dorm Room!

Our sink area!

My Daddy!!!! =(

Momma!!! =(

My bed is HUGE!!!

My Arizona Mountains that I miss so much!!

My shelves and desk. i love my decorations! I need to print up pictures of Nikki!

My Coolio roommate Sarah and her side of the room! Its not so lonely and empty anymore!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Ode to My Lumberjack Friend-

Yesterday was a dreadful day....Our Nikki Chicken left us for Northern University! I guess I shouldn't be talking because I'll be leaving soon too... But I am sad that we are all finally going our separate ways for a while. So before I start talking about how wonderful Nikki is and how much I love her, I thought we would take a stroll down memory lane!!

Farewell Nikki and Charlotte!

All three of us were so sad to say goodbye.

We love you!!

We were always so goofy!! What will I do without all our fresa parties?!?!

What is this you may ask? Well we're not too sure! But it looks silly!

Ahhh, Graduation Night... How could you not love that face???

We made it!! It was a long year but Nikki sure made it a fun one!!!

The three musketeers! We always had a blast!

Who will I get rid of my mustaches with?!?!

Classic Nikki face! If I had to choose one Nikki picture, this would be it!!

Hee hee hee!! We went shopping so much!!! Probably a bit too much..... uh.....

This is also a classic!

The Three Amigas! Swim and Dive Team was the time of our lives!

Girl's Night!! Nikki loved to have us paint her toes!!

And who could forget our fabulous senior trip trip Cali?? We went on sooooo many rides!!!

We all got matching shirts!!!

And we met all our favorite princesses!!!

Nikki didn't get much sleep in Cali due to our crazy night time adventures!! What do you think? Does she look like Bon Jovi??? ;D

OOOOOHHHHH!!! The 22 not the 20 TOO!!!! BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

And now to wrap it all up I just want to tell Nikki what an amazing friend and person she is! I'm so grateful that I have been able to get to know her so well over the past year or so. She is such a great example to me! She is so smart and can do ANYTHING she puts her mind to! I'm so proud of all she has accomplished! She has such a kind heart and will do all she can to help out a friend! She has always been there for me! We've laughed and cried...and laughed some more and gave each other and even just sat there bored together! But it didn't really matter what we were doing, cuz nikki is just awesome without even trying! We've been through some rough times this year, but we knew that we could always count on each other to encourage us and sympathize with us! And nikki is always so honest! No beating around the bush with her! ;) I will always miss all our conversations about life and the future and dumb boys and all the things we can't stand! So thank goodness for technology so I can text her and call her (after 9) and IM her and all that jazz all I want! I'm so excited for all the exciting things ahead of her! She will do so great all on her own and independent! I love you so so much and I know we will always stay close! Have fun as a lumberjack!!!!! ;-D

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I actually want to cry right now. I just finished this huge post and had it all in order and just wanted to fix one little space thing and everything was deleted. So I'm just going to upload all the pics from Kylee's midnight birthday celebration, Zack's 1st date, YSA pool party, and Mine and Nikki's shopping trip and some random stuff.

I'll miss you so so so much Nikki!!!!!! =,(

Hee hee! =)