Monday, September 28, 2009

Crazy Long BYU Update... Again!

Alright, sorry for the randomness of this post, but I don't have much time so I just jumbled together a bunch of pics and they are not in chronological order and I forgot some older ones and had to add them but oh well!! Enjoy!!!

Weekend at Auntie's! :D

I was in primary with Marisa this Sunday and during singing time they got to pick costumes for their teachers to wear.... Of course Emily picked the most embarrassing irritating one possible for me!!!! Hahaha

Kylee and Nikki!!! I haven't been able to do my mustache without you guys and look what happened!!!!!! Hee hee!!

I pulled out Jacob's first tooth!!!

My amazing cute new boots that I love!!

I love them! They are so warm!

BFFs!!!!!! ;)

Our hippie friend!!

Other BFFs!!! I miss you girls!!!!! :(

Kylee you should be proud! I painted Kelsey's toes so so cute!!

Goofy girlies!

I love this kid!! He is so so cute!!!

Chasin down the ball!

Random story time!! It was visiting hours and we walk down the hallway and there is this random kid sleeping in Calli's bed!!! Hahaha! There was no one else in the room at all!!! So I took a picture and ran away! Hahahahaha!! It woke him up! :)

Amazing Devotional!!
I got to see President Monson speak at our devotional!! It was so so amazing and funny!! I love this man!!! :)

On the big screen

We were only like 15 rows up!!!

There were SOOOOOO many people there!!! It was packed!!

Winter Has Begun!!
It was FREEZING today!! The high is like 54 and it was in the 40s like all morning!! I am so not looking forward to this!

This is my first fall outfit! Lol, Plus a big sweatshirt, but that part wasn't cute...

The crazy clouds/fog/rain!

This was a couple days ago. The mountains change colors!!! Its crazy! Haha!

Just a random good hair day! I did my hair like this Sunday and I woke up Monday and this is what it looked like!!!! It was a miracle!! I didn't even turn on my straightener!!!

Me and Michelle went to do baptisms again! It was so so so packed!!! We had to wait to change cuz there weren't enough lockers!

Sports Night with the guys!
We decided we wanted to play volleyball, basketball and go swim all in the same night! But then the pool was closed!!!! :( And I really wanted to dive! But volleyball and basketball was really super fun!!!!! Here's some action shots!

Ray with a backwards dunk

The girls were all left out while the boys were having a dunking contest

Dylan is just too tallll!!!! Lol

Ray thinks he's Michael Jordan

And Dylan again!

Love this pic!! Andrew is a beast!

Dillon has the coolest shoes!!

Earlier that day we had a little dance shindig and we were just going to do foxtrot, but everybody just kinda went crazy...hahaha But it was fun!!!


Michelle got plenty of dancing in with her partner ;)

Dylan was definitely too big for this!

But he can Par core!!! Hahaha!

And Peter got stuck!!

Sneaky little Asian! Hahaaha

Ray is just so talented!! Ha!

Uuuuuuhhhh.... No comment.

Pajama Pow Wow!!
For this month's activity we had a pajama pow wow with a fashion show and food and games and music!! It was so so much crazy fun!


Rockin out to BSB!!


Whitney skipping down the runway!!

BAM!!! Zac Efron!!

Take it oofff!!!

Haha, with her robe still on!

Sarah the Ballerina!

Greatest RA ever!!! I love Becca!!

Yeah!! Micaela!!!!

Here comes Mollyyyy!!!

And one of the FOUR Melissa's!!!

Shelby is so cute!! :)

Work it Sunnie!

Calli girl!

Go Anna Marie!!

Another Melissa!!

Alright Alyssa!!!

We're so cute!!

Shelby and Micaela are so so adorable!

True Blue!!!
True Blue is basically an intense slip and slide down a hill with blue foam instead of water!!! Me and Christa were so Crazy!! It was so so fun!!!!!! :D

These are the stairs of death..... I hate them.

The biggest rubber band ball I have EVER seen!!!! I have no idea who this kid is.. Hahaha!