Monday, July 27, 2009

And the Countdown Begins!

Hey check out my countdown at the bottom of the page!! Its the only one I could find online that would work for me! Ba!

Fun Weekend!!

So to start off....Friday Night I had an Awesome sleepover with my two best friends Kylee and Nikki!!! We were WILD!!!! Hahaha! We turned my Ihome up as loud as it could go and each found a "microphone" to use and screamed our lungs out to all our favorite party songs on Kelsey's Ipod while jumping on my bed and dancing all over my room! I am still shocked that my parents or brothers didn't come yell at us to shut up!! So we were finally just to tired to party anymore so we went to fry's where Kylee was nice enough to purchase the following necessary items for a true "Kylee-Nikki-Kazhia" party: Soda, 2 ice cream cartons, cookies, Hostess cupcakes, and a frozen pizza! Of course we didn't quite eat all of it but... we ate a lot. Then when we were done pigging out, we watched Freedom Writers which is an amazing movie and finally went to bed at 2 or 3 Am. =D

Saturday I went and saw Harry Potter with my family, that was fun! And that night we went with a bunch of friends to some crazy park with a giant hill for ice blocking!!!! It was a blast! Here are some pictures!!

This was Rylan's last partay before he left for his mission to Peru!

Me and the crazy Kelsey on the way to pick up some ice blocks!

Greg got to ride down the hill on Tylon's back!! I swear these guys are wackos!! :)


Tylon's turn!!

Me at the bottom of a long and dangerous ride down.

Look how crazy this hill was!!!!! It was so hard to get back to the top!!

Kylee got eaten alive by the skeeters! Poor girl!!

Of course the guys had to do something crazy like go down the steepest hill ever in a train om ice blocks! =D

On your mark... get set...


The ice blocks were so freezing!! Our butts were all wet!!

Greg either doing a hand stand or rolling down the hill quite painfully...

Rylan and Tylon just "acting natural" and trying to hide the sign they yanked out of the ground when a car drove past.

He really did whack Tylon's butt after this picture... really hard... it was hilarious!!!!

The result of all this fun?? bug bites, allergic reactions to the grass, wet booties, and lots of bruises! It was totally worth it!!

So then Sunday I had a meeting for my new calling as a Branch Missionary and then went to relief society and Sunday school and to Rylan's farewell! He gave a really good talk and seemed really excited to be off!! We'll miss him lots but I'm sure he'll do awesome on his mission!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Meet "Old Rex"

Guess what I am making this post on?!?!?!?! My "new" laptop!!! My Daddy put a new hard drive in it for me and it only cost 50 buckaroos!!! Lol And its a dinosaur so I decided to call him Old Rex!! Hahaha!! And it is Really heavy... But hey! Its hundreds of dollars I don't need to spend anymore!! Btw, what do you think of my new background, eh??? ;D

Thursday, July 16, 2009



(So long as I am with the outrageous Kylee Nicole and the psycho Nikki Chickie!!)

So it took me forever, but here are some pics of our super fun trip to California. We drove there and went to Knott's Berry Farm on a Saturday, and went to Disneyland and California Adventures on Sunday and Monday!!! We saw tons of characters and went on lots of rides and goofed around a TON!!!! So here ya go!!

The craziness in the car!!

California Adventures!!!!

We got busted for crossing the ropes...


Meeting the Princesses

Our own idea. =)

Knott's Berry Farm!

Bye bye!!!