Friday, October 30, 2009

Some Random Updates!

First of all meet Gregory the Pumpkin! Isn't it cute?!?! :)

Alright, here are the long awaited pictures from my first ever BYU date! It was a scavenger hunt that us girls planned! It was super fun!

Wheatgrass shots from jamba

Hahaha! John proposing!

Lol, this was my date Justin....

Double points! :)

Fun statue picture!

Pictres from yet another temple visit!

pretty sunset! for Utah....

The girls!

Cute little lane that I liked a lot!

I volunteered for Provo Youth Mentoring and this is my mentee Janet and I on our tour of the Livell Stadium!!

Festive fingers!

And toes!

My awesome mosaic I got to make for Humanities!

These are all pictures from dancelab! Basically it is a huge dance for the Social Dance 180 classes but we get to foxtrot and waltz and cha cha and swing! So so so fun!!

I stole Michelle's jacket and I liked it a lot a lot! :)


Me and my Cha cha partner Ben!

Michelle and her partner Matt!

Funny story... Ryan found these at DI and thought pink pants would be fun!! Be they turned out to be weirdly shaped like in the 90s... Haha

So this random girl some friends knew was having a semiformal Birthday party, so we decided to dress up and have a little photoshoot!!!

Me and Ryan

The girls!


Love these two pics! These two guys are my favorites!

Tara and Ryan

Me and Michelle! :)

Monday, October 19, 2009


For those of you who haven't seen my facebook lately, today was my very own mother's birthday!!!!! i just want to tell her AGAIN how amazing she really is! I thought I appreciated her before I moved away! She always has done so much for me and has been such a loving and wonderful influence in my life. She is my best friend and I don't know where I would be without her! She always knows how to comfort me (a can of chocolate frosting always does the trick!) and help me through my trials and issues. When I'm scared all I want is my mom by my side. Like today i basically passed out while giving blood and all I could think about was how much I wished my mom was there to hold my hand! She is my own personal hero and she has no idea how much her strength has set an incredible example for me. I know that I can trust her with anything and that I can rely on her advice and help in anything in her life! I know that I am so proud of her for the challenges that she has overcome and the testimony she has gained!! I love you so so much Momma and don't you ever forget it!! have an absolutely amazing and fantastic birthday and week!!! Lots of hugs and kisses!

Saturday, October 17, 2009


This is just a random post with a few fun pics Enjoy!

So Friday night me and Michelle went to a birthday party with an RM friend from our social dance class!! How good looking is HEEEE?!?!?! Hahahahaha!

This picture sucks but that's Matt! And Michelle is wearing the flashing glasses that the Birthday boy got as a present!

I drew on Gregory the Pumpkin yesterday!!! He's sooooo cute!!!!! ;D

We match!!!

He's so cute!!

Lastly I went to the temple Thursday with Michelle's old friends from Jersey. Keith is soon leaving on his mission and I'm pretty sure that was his first time doing baptisms! It was really cool!!! :)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I love You Kaz!!

Here ya go friend!
I hope you find it to your satisfaction! :)
Kylee Nico

You Know How It Goes....

Yet Another Update!

So Friday was definitely an adventure!! First I went to the Bean Life Science Museum with my friend Matt and say a little animal show! Then I played volleyball with some more friends and watched Mean Girls in the Cannon and got ice cream!! :) Here's some pics from the museum!!

The hippo is so big!!!!

This is a squished tarantula in a case... why you may ask?? No idea!

Gaaa! The tarantula!!!!

This is the guy next to me holding the live tarantula! But I held it tooo!!!! I don't know what came over me!! But I did it!

This is Monte the Python!

This is the bearded dragon thing!

And the ostrich is just funny looking!

This is random... But this is my CRAZY Bio teacher Dr. Booth! It was his 69th Birthday on Friday so we all got him yogurt and the TAs brought cupcakes and his granddaughter brought him balloons and his crown!! :) Fun class!

As always, me and Michelle went to the temple on Saturday morning and we decided to go to the Museum of Art afterward. But we had a while before it opened so we had a fun little photoshoot while we waited! It was so fun!! :)

Pretty flowers!

There was this pretty little ponds with some boulders around it!

She's so cute!!

Bahahahaha!!! I am so corny!!

Michelle clearly had a little obsession with flowers this day! :)

Cute girls!!

Strike a pose!!

On Saturday night I went to my first dance club!! We had a blast! Hahaha, Definitely an interesting experience!

A couple of the guys we went with: Justin, his friend, and Andrew.

The girls!! Me, Calli, and Sarah!

Looks like Andrew's a little nervous!! Lol, It was his first clubbing experience also!

All of us crazies!



Dillon, Seth, Justin, and Josh

Roomies!! Anna Marie and Calli girl!!

Uuuhh... Not so sure what Justin is doin!

I enjoyed popping my head into pictures that night!

Close up!! I just love Dillon and Justin in the background!

Dillon's close up!

We all had to squeeze into Seth's car! :)