Saturday, June 20, 2009

Favorite Movie of the Week!!

Alright, I know Kylee totally did a post on this when she first saw it, but Me and Nikki went to the dollar theatre to finally see it and I realize that I love Zaac Efron and thet's that! Hahahahaha!!! The movie was totally hilarious and we were cracking up like crazy and some parts were so awkward!!! Like his daughter got a crush on him and was trying to make a move. Aaaaahhhh!!! Weird!! But it was all resolved in the end and was all tender and we all know Kazhia is a sucker for cheesy tender movies! Especially with a gorgeous boy in it! Meeting him is my new life goal. Uuuhhhh... Heehee! These are a few of my favorite shots of him from the movie:

Cute boy! He was flirting with his wife who thought he was her sons friend... Cradle robber!! Haha!

He just looks Hott here. Noone can argue with that.

He looks so cool!! I love it!!

Me and Nikki loved this shirt on him!

Monday, June 15, 2009


Tonight I went to my second Family Home Evening in my new Singles Branch for the Summer. So far so good! Last week we had a pizza dinner and played team Balderdash! Super fun!! We met this HILARIOUS guy named Tommy... but he's like 28 so.. Awkward. Haha! This week we actually got put into families and got to know everyone's names! It was fun and everyone is really nice even though it is a preety small branch. After an INCREDIBLY short lesson, we all got back together and played 4 or 5 rounds of Sardines, which is like backwards hide and seek. SSOOOOOO fun!! Me and Kylee and Stephanie found the hiders pretty quick, except for the last one who SAID he was behind one of the walls in the parking lot where all the AC stuff is in the parking lots, But we looked back there very thoroughly and he was NOT there!! He was moving. He said we looked right at him. Liar. And this other kid was behind bushes and we got there like second and everybody started coming and we were like, Is Mark even back here??? We hadn't actually seen him!! And so we all started to get up cuz we thought he wasn't there but he was and laughing at us the whole time. Haha, So we blew our cover. But it was really fun and I can't wait till next week!!! Oh, Ps- I had to lead the opening song and it was weird. haha! Pss- I just wish Nikki could come with us... =(


The past week feels like a GIANT blur to me cuz I have no idea what day it ever is anymore.. But I'll tell you what has been going on even though I might get the day wrong... Haha! So at one point I went to Nikki's and played Goof Troop on Nikki's Supernintendo!! It was fun!! We ended up finding cheat codes online! Hahaha!! I pumped gas for the first time, haha, I know its sooo funny. And painted nails with Ky and Chickie. On Friday, I think, Me and Kylee hung out with Allie Bean and watched Sydney White And Nikki was going to come but got lost. But that movie is HILARIOUS!!!!! I think it is going to become my version of "Just Friends," A movie to cheer me up! HA! I love it!! Then Saturday, We went to a baptism in the morning and to a YSA activity that turned out LAME even though Kylee won over all the guys with her "jump-rope-with-the-wiggly-knee" dance move!!! HA! Not. So we went to Sonic with Allie and Stephanie and Bryan Salley and watched Sydney White AGAIN!!! I love it!! And of course we had Fresa!! So those are all my super crazy fun wild times with all my beautiful friends that I LOVE!!!!! WOOOOO!!!!!!!

My girls focused on beating the level!!!

Nikki intent on diggin up the WHOLE field with her shovel.

Kylee tried to juggle both controllers while Nikki went to get a brownie or something..


They just want to get the gun!!!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009


Sooooooooooo... ever since I got this blog, somebody named Jordan Jensen has been following my blog. And it bothers me cuz I don't know who you are!!! I don't even know if you are a boy or a girl!! So please, just comment on this post and tell me who you are!! Thank you much!! Yes I know I am a dork, but it bugs me!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Boring Summer

This week has been super boring! I ALMOST wish I could go back to school! Monday, the boys (including Dad) went to scout camp! Woo! Party party!! It was very nice and quiet all week. But unfortunately, like most summers, I have spent most of it sitting at home bored. I need to get a job REALLY bad!! I even sunk so low as to apply to Walmart! I don't even care anymore, I just need something to do! I also set up a checking and savings account this week. Finally.. And I got my debit card in the mail today!! Its all gold and glittery!! Haha, So the fun points of this week were, Sleepover with Kylee, Sleepover with Kylee And Nikki (for the most part fun), Movie nights with my BFFs (Kylee and Nikki), and Curt's Party last night. Soooo... yeah. OH!!! And I didn't pass out on Thursday like I thought I would!! That is a BIG accomplishment for me! So that has been my week! I'll post some pics of our fun sleepover later.


This was Nikki's first sleepover in like ten years!! We had lots of fun!

...We also had LOTS of candy... WOO!!

We also made vests and little skirt things out of garbage bags like...gladiators.... I think it was the candy talking when we came up with this....