Monday, April 26, 2010

Freshman No More!!

So this cartoon is just hilarious and I had to post it. Lol And totally creepy at the same time. IJC! Sorry you can't see it all! Computers being weird..

Alright I can't believe how terrible I have been with keeping up my blog since last semester!!! :( Well I guess I'll just give an overview of the past several months and then post a slideshow up of memories from my Freshman year as a Cougar!! Sound good? Great!
The best part of my experience at BYU would have to be all my friends. They are seriously some of the most amazing people ever and it was so so hard telling them goodbye! I have learned so much from them whether by example or our "philosophical discussions" or just by helping each other out with all our issues. It hasn't been easy but these people have really taken care of me and we have become a family away from our family and really love being there for each other and sharing the joys and griefs of all our lives! Wow, this blog is starting to sound like Michelle! :) Hahaha, But anyways, to continue being cheesy, I'm gonna talk more about the goodbyes.
So for those of you who know me from back home, I am a HUGE crybaby. but somehow, up here I have been able to restrain myself and haven't cried in front of people more than once or twice. And they were just my girlfriends. So I figured I'd be ok saying goodbye to everyone. And I was until it was my turn to leave the group. We spent the whole day running errands but still having a blast and we did a few other crazy things and it was great! I lost my voice from rockin out to Glee with Ryan! :) But while all this was going on, it hit me. Michelle I would see soon. Tara, Shelby, Olivia, and Becca would be back at the Y with me next Fall. But this could very well be the last time I hang out with my guy friends for more than TWO YEARS. And I know I'll see them after their missions, but what if things are different and I've made new friends and they make their own or what if I'm... i hate to say it......married?!?!?! So this whole time I was just sad. Sad sad sad! Even though we were having so much fun! It was strange. And then once when we got to my aunt's house, I lost it. I hugged Michelle and Dylan got jealous (hee hee) and then that stinker Ryan wouldn't let go of me and kept talking bout all our good times he would miss and i just couldn't hold it in any longer. Poor Ryan probably got tear stains all over his shirt! Sorry! But it was just so sad.
So to all you guys, especially you Ryan, I just want to say, I'll miss you to death! But you have made an impact in my life and I will absolutely never forget you!!!! I am so proud of you all for being such amazing examples to me and teaching me so much!! I'm so grateful for your friendship and for being there for me to count on! I know that no matter when I see you again, we'll always have freshman year to remember! And I promise I'll write!
Ok, this is definitely not where I thought I was going with this. Back to freshman experiences:
I loved loved LOVED being able to go to the temple so much with my friends this year! It was so wonderful to be able to feel the spirit of the temple on a regular bases and I know it helped us all become stronger friends! So many blessings and revelations have been given thanks to those trips!
I also loved learning! Being in such an academic environment was so great! I was enlightened on so many different topics and definitely had some humble pie being surrounded by so many absolutely brilliant people!! My studies were definitely not always perfect, but I learned a lot about how to improve and how important motivation is!
If you couldn't tell earlier, I have had a lot of really spiritual experiences as well! I had the opportunity to hear from many leaders of our church such as, President Monson, Sister Julie B. Beck, and Sherri Dew. I am so grateful for all the wisdom and advice they passed on to us. I also learned so much from my friends and ward members! They are all so strong and have been through so many different trials and experiences in life. They are wonderful and my testimony has been exponentially strengthened thanks to them!
Alright, now on to the fun stuff! We have had SO SO SO many adventures this year!!! From ice blocking, to 15 hour dates, girls' nights, formal dances, partay dances, RHA activities, parks built for tiny children, hiking, hospital visits (not as fun as all the other stuff...) dating, scavenger hunts, sleeping in the quad, cannon meals (doesn't sound like much, but oh. we had adventures in there!), movies in the tenner, roundabouts, dollar theaters, shopping, jamba juice, walmart trips where we almost died, "studying" in the sun, freezing in the snow, sledding, my first snowball fight, creamery runs, and late night craziness! The list just goes on and on! But so many jokes and memories have come out of these adventures, I can't even remember them all! But I loved every second of it!!
Alright, that just about wraps up freshman year! It was definitely a blast! I just have a summer of work and family and then back to Helaman Halls to be an RA (resident assistant) to help a bunch of girls have just as great a freshman year as I did!!!


  1. There is definitely nothing quite like freshmen year. And yeah, I got married before a lot of my guy friends got back ;)

  2. hahaha o kazhia marie how i love you! the 15 hour date made an appearance again!!! :) and those hospital visits weren't all bad! haha i will see you in a few short months!

  3. Haha You are gonna be a squashmore and i will be a SENIOR!! So the tables have turned..... :)

  4. Lol except for the tiny little detail that you are stuck in HIGH SCHOOL!!!!! BAAHAHAHAHHAAHA SUCKA!!! :P


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